Saturday, May 1, 2010

May 1st Work Day

A few folks decided to spend their May Day here with us at Alma de Mujer and show their love to the land by working on the outdoor stage, tending to the garden, and making structural improvements on the bridge.

It was a beautiful May Day out on the land, and it was wonderful to have volunteers young and old spend the day out on the land with us. Spring has been such a blessing here, with the Medicine Wheel Garden in full luscious bloom. Most exciting to see was the outdoor stage, which had fallen into disrepair, being fixed up by our volunteers in preparation for our Momma! I Love You Festival for mother's day on Sunday May 9. We have been looking forward to this event for weeks, and cannot wait to share our photos and stories!

Some of the volunteers during the day were students with the UT School of Architecture, who came out to offer their knowledge and energy in physically putting in a natural stone and mud ramp on either sides of the bridge entrance, and wire hand railings along the bridge for better support. These students were not afraid to break out a sweat for this project, and Alma thanks them for their time and strength.

There to guide the student architects were two local architects and teachers, founder and director of Women.Design.Build Nicole Joslin, and director of Design Build Alliance Scott Ross. Their expertise was invaluable to the project, while their organizations- focusing on community grassroots building and empowerment- are groups Alma is proud to work along side with.

It was an amazing work day here at Alma, and as always we love and thank our friends and family for taking the time to help us beautify the land for continued use by our animal and human community.

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