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January/February 2009 Newsletter

Alma de Mujer welcomes you to our monthly blog newsletter! We have many wonderful announcements, developments and programs coming down the pipeline. Visit us frequently to learn more about what we have going on.


(Some of Alma's Local Council Members: Courtney Morris, Wura-Natasha Ogunji, Maria Elena Martinez, Velia Sanchez Ruiz, Lourdes Kaman, Adela Mancias)

In Fall 2008, Alma de Mujer instituted an intergenerational Local Council which is providing oversight and support to Alma’s programs and operations.Council members are (alphabetical by first name): Adela Mancias (RedSalmon Arts), Carmen Llanes (PODER), Courtney Morris, Esther Schroeder, Erika Gonzalez (PODER), Lourdes Kaman, Maria Elena Martinez, Maribel Garza, Mary Margaret Navar, Rosa Tupina Orta, Rosalind Chou, Velia Sanchez Ruiz and Wura-Natasha Ogunji.

In January 2009, Ana Lara was hired on as Alma's Program Director. In her role as Program Director, Ana will lead the development and implementation initiatives & programs, including:

  • expansion of Alma de Mujer's Indigenous Arts & Culture program to include a new Artist in Residence program for Texas-based Indigenous women/women of color visual artists and writers

  • expansion of the Alma's Sustainable Communities program to train Community Health Workers/Promotoras de Salud on Indigenous Health & Medicine and in the development of Indigenous environmental stewardship camps for youth and families

  • redirecting the Indigenous Women's Leadership program to focus on providing training for Austin-based Indigenous women through a local internship program, and gatherings focused on activism and social justice initiatives throughout Texas

In 2009, Alma de Mujer will also be hosting seasonal events (Equinox Brunches), workshops, Moon gatherings, youth/family camps among others!!

I am really excited at all of the potential, but am also deeply moved by all of what has come before me. This moment wouldn’t be possible without all of the love, energy and effort that has brought Alma de Mujer to this point. This is the perfect moment in time to institute long-lasting, effective growth at Alma de Mujer; we have a new President in D.C., and we have a local community that is mobilizing in new and dynamic ways. I am especially grateful to the leadership of Alma's Local Council, who through their heart and hard work, bring smiles and inspiration to me on a daily basis." ~Ana


January 15, 2009 - Announcing Alma de Mujer's Artist in Residence program!!
Alma de Mujer, a project of the Indigenous Women's Network, is proud to announce it's new Artist in Residence Program.

Applications are available starting January 15, 2009 and are due (postmark) by February 17, 2009.Texas Indigenous women/women of color artists of all disciplines are encouraged to apply including writers, visual artists, performers, multi-disciplinary artists and curators/critics.All artists receive shared accommodations, a private work space, and basic food provisions at no cost. Artists are responsible for transportation toand from the residency, materials, and additional food costs.

You can download a pdf of the application here. Or, to request an application, send an email to almaresidence@gmail.com or send a self-addressed stamped envelope to: Alma de Mujer/ 13621 FM 2769, Austin, TX 78726

Note: Postmark deadline is February 17 2009. There is a $20 application fee.

January 25, 2009 - Alma Volunteer Day
From 10am - 2pm, Alma will be buzzing with activity. In preparation for the Artist in Residence program, we will be cleaning out the studio, painting and making small repairs. We will also be working on clearing beds and raising beds for the new Medicine Wheel Garden. Bring yourself, comfortable work clothes and the great light in your heart. Join us for a community day of service.

February 7, 2009 - Chicana Chronicles: A Monthly Writing Group

This program, in collaboration with People in Defense of Earth and Her Resources (PODER) is a monthly writing group for young Chicana/Latina women exploring history, politics, identity, land and love. Registration is closed for the winter and will open in early summer. For more information, contact Ana Lara at programs@indigenouswomen.org

February 14, 2009, 8pm - Alma Love: A Sensual Night of Performance, Dinner & Dancing
Join us for a night of sensual performances and a DJ Dance party just for you! Enjoy a dinner made using local and organic ingredients, and an atmosphere that says all love is good and possible.

Tickets: $30.00; to purchase, call 512.258.3880 or email programs@indigenouswomen.org

Look out for more information on upcoming programs in the early spring, including: a Full Moon meditation group, yoga classes, Indigenous agriculture, health and healing workshops and much, much more!


Retreat Center space is available for meetings, gatherings, retreats, workshops.Click here to find out more about bookings. To request a booking, email: bookings@indigenouswomen.org


Velia Sanchez Ruiz

Velia came to Alma de Mujer for the first time in February 2008. It was soon after her mother’s passing and she fell n love with Alma because of the sense of healing and peacefulness. “The trees were all bare and the colors wer so beautiful and I sat at the bench in front of the Madre and it was an awesome experience. I knew then that Alma needs to wake up one more time and provide healing for others.” Velia is a retired school teacher and is well known and loved for her dance lessons in her Physical Education classes at Linder elementary, where she taught for 27 years. Velia is also a Master Gardener and a member of the Day Lily Society and of the Violet Crown – one of the oldest garden clubs in the state of Texas. In addition to staying active at Zilker Botanical Garden, Velia is helping out on Alma’s Local Council. After seeing Alma’s garden, she had a dream of a wheel, and with the help of her friends Doris Ledesma Green and Sylvia Ledesma, she came up with a design for Alma’s new Medicine Wheel Garden.


Alma de Mujer exists for Indigenous communities, communities of color and communities in harmony with our beliefs. Our programs serve communities based in Austin, throughout Texas and in the Southwest region of the United States and Northern Mexico. Alma de Mujer’s gates are open during daylight hours, seven days a week. If you’re in town or just passing through, come by and see us sometime! Call 512.258.3880 to stop by for a site visit.


Love, energy and the money to get things moving. It’s easy to support Alma de Mujer. You can volunteer or send a love donation in the form of a check, money order, or through a bank draft. We’re also looking for donations of in-kind items. To donate furniture or other in-kind items, contact us at programs@indigenouswomen.org

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