Saturday, October 4, 2008

About the Land

Alma de Mujer Social Justice Retreat Center is located on 23 acres of central Texas woodlands. There are over 80 indigenous natural medicines found growing wild throughout the land. Most of the acreage is covered by endemic forest, which is also home to wildlife including: deer, rabbits, boar, fish and numerous bird species.

As part of its mission to model Sustainable Communities, Alma de Mujer maintains the land according to indigenous values. In addition, we also maintain an Organic Garden/Fruit Orchard, A Meditation Knoll and the Cypress Creek pond.

Organic Garden/Fruit Orchard

In keeping with the spirit of maintaining a sustainable and healthy environment, Alma has developed a one acre model organic garden. Alma's garden serves as a role model to the community in using self-sustaining, traditional agriculture methods as well as supplementing meals for guests.

Meditation Knoll

The Meditation Knoll provides a quiet area in which guests can sit and rest. "Madre el Mundo," a life-size sculpture by founding Mother Marsha Gomez is the centerpiece of the meditation knoll.

Cypress Creek, a main artery to Lake Travis, provides Alma with a beautiful lush spring-fed pond. Guests are welcome to sit by the pond, or to enjoy the swimming hole.

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